Advanced skin care, the latest generation of food supplements and lifestyle recommendations for an innovative skin diet created by a multidisciplinary team of doctors and scientists. A complete line to correct the appearance of signs of aging and visibly prolong youthfulness. Efficacy tests prove an increase in skin moisture of 26%. Wrinkles appear reduced by 17%. Made in italy with renewable energy.

The range consists of: a duo cleanser which is very hydrating, a booster, night renewer, a cream or gel & my favourite the Omega 3+ skin tablets(anti-aging food supplement). The packaging is medicinal and clean. I love the glass brown and green bottles and jars. The product smells natural and works like a dream. My skin feels hydrated, renewed and plump. The tablets are full of goodness and work from the inside out. I love this range and recommend it:)

The Omega 3+ is a food supplement in soft capsules, which are easy to swallow and made up of specific actives for a protective and anti-aging action. It has with omega 3+, astaxanthin, choline bitartate, vitamin e

how it works
OMEGA 3 - 60% concentrated with a formula balanced in EPA’s and DHA’s, extracted from fish oil. ASTAXANTHIN extract from the Haemotococcus Pluvialis algae, known for its antioxidant actions. CHOLINE BITARTRATE

how to use
take one capsule per day, preferably away from meals. it is recommended for a period of at least 2 months consecutively.

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