Being in the biz of all things fabulous and wanting to support our fellow bloggers, Neofundi was in full support at the launch of Stylista last week.  Stylista is “a destination of style showcasing the extraordinary where "Stylista's" can share their looks, make each other "shine" and interact with a community of people who love fashion and value the importance of style.”

Both businesswoman and inspired fashionistas, co-founders, Tami Ruschin and Ilana Jossel have learnt the ropes of the fashion industry but are most certain that Stylista is something unlike any other social media site, giving customers something they’ve not yet experienced.

Tami says, “Stylista is about real street style! It is about fashion! It is about the hottest trendsetters, style seekers and enthusiasts who are encouraged to upload styles from everywhere they go, inspire others and be inspired, be creative, experiment and showcase the brands they love to wear.”

What message does Ilana hope that Stylista users will walk away with if they want to stand out in Fashion industry? She replies, “Always stay true to your style and keep updated with the latest fashion trends from all around the world.”

To see for yourself, go to

Some "Stylishly Stylista's at the launch




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