Sebastian Wahl, Spirit Bird, 2010; original collage in resin on panel; Courtesy Gallery Hijinks

An intriguing collage exhibition has recently been on view in the art-booming Mission district of San Francisco:Sebastian Wahl, "Kaleidoscpe Eyes," at Gallery Hijinks. 

New York based artist Sebastian Wahl uses collage as a medium to express his own fabricated reality. His works are arranged in patterns of multi-reflected imagery, as if one is looking through a kaleidoscope. Wahl's hand-cut images range from cultural icons to architecture, the religious and spiritual to nature. Fine detail and careful, strangely witty placement abound: by example, a person swims in a can of tomato soup positioned on a bird's wing in Kaleidoscope Eye 1(below)

Kaleidoscope Eye 1

“I love being the architect of psychedelic landscapes by arranging images that I find and isolating them from their reality by cutting them out and injecting them into my reality when I glue them down.”

Also notable here is the craftsmanship: the works are made of up to fourteen thin layers of resin-a medium the artist has been working in since 2006-each encasing its own images. This introduces an added and unexpected depth and dimension; the layers cast subtle shadows with shifting light. Wahl, a former graffiti artist, says he's interested in creating works that promote mindfulness and concentration. And this gets to the greatest strength of these works: there is a calm in the chaos.

Sebastian Wahl, Mandala 2, 2010; original collage in resin on panel; Courtesy Gallery Hijinks

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Comment by Candice James on January 25, 2012 at 10:50

Brilliant resin kaleidescope collages!

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