There is nothing…and I mean nothing more simple and easy to relate to than a man’s reaction to a beautiful women. And if that women is Victoria Secret model Angela Belotte in her underwear, then there is no surprise that all eyes will be on her.

Samsung electronics have introduced their new motion control Smart TV with an amazing, cool and quirky video campaign, featuring Angela Belotte, controlling…well watch the video and you will understand.

The world renowned brand have taken advantage of this situation and filmed a short film in Buenos Aires for their Smart TV brand launch. The film puts Angela making use of the TV’s features of motion control and voice control to activate her TV, but the men across the street see this as a gesture to them personally. The result is ridiculous and reminiscent of the “Naked Gun” movies.

The Smart TV is part of the next generation of televisions which are entirely interactive. Its 2012 flagship Smart TV’s feature Smart interaction, Smart content and Smart evolution new market revolutionizing and innovative features that deliver the richest experience available and enables consumers to experience a Smarter way of life.


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