Designed In Hackney: TN29 By Le Gun And Tracey Neuls


And again we hear of the words “designed in Hackney” uttered. Illustration collective Le Gun has teamed up with footwear designer Tracey Neuls to create a range of shoes that are inspired by items found inside of a suitcase inside of Hackney’s basement.  Le Gun  created a drawing based on the objects and the life of their imagined owner, and each shoe within the limited edition range is covered by a different part of the image. The interior of Tracy Neuls’ Shoreditch shop has been decorated with Le Gun’s illustrations where the work is exhibited alongside the shoes. Shoreditch opened last year on Redchurch Street, beyond the Hackney border.


Here’s some more information from LE GUN:


“Its of the trout tickling, dada loving, jazz pirate George Melly at a parade inspired by James Ensor’s painting ‘Entry of Christ’ into Brussels. The LE GUN version is: The entry of Marvin Gaye into Brussels… Marvin Gaye is riding into town on a donkey. He spent a lot of time in Belgium trying to get off crack. They state that they have done a series of drawings based around the contents of a suitcase we found in the basement of a masonic cobblers in Hackney, which we believe belonged to the late George Melly. The drawing reflects our affection for the often overlooked cultural suburb of Belgium. We like the idea of a young Belgian surrealist wearing our Tracey Neuls shoes while becoming slowly intoxicated at A La Mort Subite…” – LE GUN

Tracey Neuls - Building on the success of her West London Marylebone shop, she embarked on her second space – Eastside!

For celebrating her new venture, Tracey Neuls, known for her creative collaborations has teamed up with the London illustration collective LE GUN. Often described as ‘the gutter looking up to the sky’ LE GUN is responsible for some of the most thought provoking illustrations,‘Parade’ was one such piece that caught Neuls’ eye. “The idea of bringing the illustrative subject matter into movement via the actual body part was irresistible.”

LE GUN painted the shop walls in their signature style, with the use of ink and paintbrush, as well as an instant freestyle application of twisting illustration. The retail space was treated like a gallery and the combination of using another artist’s drawing with a Tracey Neuls shoe design makes for a perfect collaboration. It’s an enjoyable experience seeing a drawing being translated onto a shoe. Neuls, known for her keen eye for detail saw instant potential of translating the art work to textile. Each limited edition shoe has a different part of the drawing, and therefore tells a story in different parts. The print was recreated as wrapping paper, so the narrative continues all over!


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