It's a Hat Trick! Neostrata's Tri- Therapy Lifting Serum

Ok, so you know that  I rave about this brand, because quite simply, science is behind it. Their founders, Dr. Eugene van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu, pioneered the discovery of active ingredients that have advanced the science of dermatology. Only when results are proven through rigorous studies, do they launch a new product, like this particular serum.

The new multi-tasker from the Skin Active range is the Tri-Therapy lifting Serum which contains the patented amino acid derivative, Aminofil in high concentration and this guy has the ability to rev up your collagen production. meaning that your skin regains a plump and toned look.

Also playing a part is Hyaluronic Acid- but with a low molecular weight- so it can penetrate deeply to provide hydration and to improve skin texture. Rounding it all up is Gluconolactone- an acid that targets pigmentation and essentially reduces oxidative damage, as well as gently exfoliating.

I have used this since February, but i alternate nights with a prescription Retin A, as it's quite pricey, but a little goes a long way. My skin looks smooth and toned and I really love this product- I don't have to moisturise afterwards because of the HA, so I feel I'm getting real value. If you're anti-ageing, then this is for you.

Neostrata is available at authorised retailers like Skinmiles and

RRP: R1 026

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