Eddie Borgo's Fall 2012 Collection - Inspired By New York's Hidden Underground

Famous jewellery designer Eddie Borgo found hidden New York to be his inspiration for fall 2012. Well hidden New York as in the cogs and gears that make the city that never sleeps run. He began with the work of Steve Duncan, a Brooklyn based photographer who has a tendency to explore the “undercity” “I found out about him because I wanted to do a collection based on expansion joints for a really long time,” Borgo stipulated. “I find them so interesting from an engineering standpoint and when I was doing research on these types of different pipe networks and expansion joints I found his photography.” Borgo’s research of Duncan’s photography was photocopied and pasted on mood boards around the apartment that Borgo now uses as a showroom in Paris.

“The major idea is to take elements from the street and from the subculture of our New York,” Borgo explained. These innovative and progressive show pieces are one of a kind. “They are things that maybe upon first thought are not desirable, when you think of them you may think about the gritty aspect, but then they are taken, fashioned and refined through pave crystal, or adding two tone plating.” Additionally, Borgo took a look at engineering systems that are centuries old, but still in functioning order, such as bolt and plate systems, coil networks, piping in waterway networks etc. These iconic pieces can be seen below in his fall collection.


Via: fashionista.com

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