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Joburg's little Ethiopia

The signs are plastered all over this part of the city. They have the look of the Roneo machine – hand-operated printing with its faded purple and blue inks that reminds me of geometry tests. Except these have no questions, just statements. “Penis enlargement”,  ”Lost lover back in 3 days”.  Around us  Joburg’s Saturday morning traffic – human and vehicular – jostles with hawker stands selling…

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Joburg bloggers and writers unite

I have been remiss. A bad blogger. A blog is like a Tamagotchi. It needs to be fed to be kept alive. Actually a blogger is like a Tamagotchi too, hungry. So in a world of free content where most bloggers write out of love (and occasionally ego) an invitation to dinner is a supreme event.…

welcome from @missmillib

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SA's taxi industry plans to launch an airline - when taxis fly

It's just too good to pass up. South Africa's minibus taxi industry is planning to launch an airline it was announced this week. It will be an easy transition seeing as how most taxis fly past you anyway. This morning I watched one Joburg taxi driver disregard a red light near the Zoo lake. Yesterday another driver sat talking on his cellphone while inching closer and closer and closer to my bumper - his taxi jampacked with extra commuters in what looked like a scene from some 80's college…


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Breaking News: Apple’s next big thing

Hayibo, South Africa’s riposte to The Onion, one of my favourite sites for news as it could be, is back and better. And this time they have fixed on Apple’s constant reinvention of products we already have. As a huge Apple fan I too can’t help wondering when the thrill of a new device will wear off – that after an iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook and an iOverdraft.

This is breaking…


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A guide to Chic Jozi

This is a long overdue review of one of those essential companions for making this city your friend. Chic Jozi [by my friend Nikki Temkin] was first published in 2009 and has now been updated. It opens with the disclaimer: “Joburg is notorious for being a fickle and fast-changing city. Stores open and close all the time, change location and name …” Too true and the reason why impulse…


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South Africa's often nutty racial politics

Had to point you to a must-read comment piece on the phenomenon of “Coconuts” that caused a stir in the twitterverse. If you are not familiar with the term it’s a derogatory label for black people who are thought to have sold out being black by not being black enough. This sounds complicated I know. So I will leave it to Lerato Tshabalala, my former Sunday Times Lifestyle compadre, to explain and tell it like it is.

A fascinating, smart and funny  piece of commentary…


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