Straight out of Benoni - A Postcard a day from Gauteng

Nothing to do but punt the app (available for all your Apple and Android devices so download it now) created for Gauteng Tourism by the uber-talented super smart, and my most favourite, T-Shirt designer Bradley Kirshenbaum of Love Jozi (and co-creator of one of the city's other best inventions market on main). Yesterday on the auspicious date of 11/11/11 I got my chance to put my home town Benoni (also the inspiration for this blog) back on the tourist map. For everyone else who is "Straight out of Benoni" this one's for you.


The words and ideas are mine, the fantabulous retro design and images was put together by my collaborator. It's inspired by:

1. my childhood memories (of the 70's - lots of avocado bathroom tiles)

2. growing up in a town that I was always told was a city but never managed to find its pulse, hence my love of Joburg

3. spending many happy days at the Bunny Park (we lived a block away), and occasionally sneaking a bunny home

4. having a road named after Tom Jones who I felt compelled to go watch perform live in Vegas (it seemed like a pilgrimage of sorts, life coming full circle in a hotel modeled on a pyramid) in another city that is actually a cultural desert

5. a place where the mine dumps have yet to disappear (you can actually go sand boarding on them)

6. a city that was once advertised on a tourist postcard as having "the great lakes"

7. the only place outside of Mississippi to have a Mississippi Steamboat shopping centre

8. and to have hosted a giant billboard for much of my childhood that said "I had my first Campari in Benoni"

9. that is also the hometown of a Hollywood queen - Charlize Theron -  and a Monaco princess - Charlene Wittstock.

Can't be that bad. Enough said.

As for the app it's fantastic little gadget that pushes you a superb postcard of the day - created by artists, designers and photographers. Download it from the SA app store. It's fun and it's free.   See more at And if you are feeling creative submit your work.


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