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Pop Goes The Puzzle...

“WHAT? Not even a smooch?”

GH (gay husband) is appalled by my lack of primal urges when I’m explaining my last date.

No babe, no. No smooch. No nada.

“But whyyyyyyy?” he just can’t believe me, since I refuse more and more dates nowadays, and therefore should be grateful and frothing about a date with a man who is not 1m shorter than me, and who doesn’t wear tie-dye.

I haven’t written a blog article in months. I started a blog as a self-therapy tool 2 years…


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That's What He Said...

“I knew the minute I saw her. I was running, and I was concentrating. But she caught my eye, drew me like a magnet, and I had no choice… I had to know her. I had to find a way…”

I am on the edge of my seat, dying of excitement and anticipation. I am clutching my hands together, even though I know exactly how the story ends.

This is man I respect, someone devoid of bullshit, and that’s why this story is my new favourite.

“And then??? How did you do it?” I…


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