“I knew the minute I saw her. I was running, and I was concentrating. But she caught my eye, drew me like a magnet, and I had no choice… I had to know her. I had to find a way…”

I am on the edge of my seat, dying of excitement and anticipation. I am clutching my hands together, even though I know exactly how the story ends.

This is man I respect, someone devoid of bullshit, and that’s why this story is my new favourite.

“And then??? How did you do it?” I froth.

“Well, I found out her name. And then I was my charming self. Until she allowed me to take her on a date. In just over a week, she said yes to being my girlfriend.”

I swear I can see little red heart bubbles rising from him and bursting with twinkling sounds.

Thing is, I can bet my bottom dollar his lady love would be exactly the same, bursting with musical heart bubbles and glowing and divine.

I look at him and I realise, I LOVE SEEING IN LOVE PEOPLE. They’re like, the happiest, most ‘muchy’ version of themselves, like their life and soul is on maximum power, on fire, and they draw people to their warmth.

“So you KNOW, right? You just KNOW.” I confirm.

“Yes, I knew very early.” He says.

“HOW did you know?” I implore.

Before I continue, it’s important to note that this boy is not one of those annoying male friends who falls in love every 2 minutes (we all have THOSE).

“Well, you can only really fall in love, proper, when you are content in your skin, happy with who you are, and not on this desperate manhunt for just anyone.”

Deeply profound words uttered by a man who could rip Mike Tyson’s ear off if he really wanted to.

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