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Rag and Bone -DIY Project

The on going DIY project by Rag and Bone is so refreshing. The campaign features models in Rag and Bone jeans, no stylist, no hair, no makeup and no lighting. Just the girl and her camera! The photos have all been taken by the models themselves, featuring Abbey Lee Kershaw. Miranda Kerr,and  Lilly Aldridge to name a few. Check out their website, to view the full projects and the…


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Zoe Kravitz- Style Icon

She is not only the daughter of Lenny Kravitz, but also a complete style icon.

Often spotted on the front row at New York fashion week, Zoe Kravitz personal style has  got her noticed in recent years, with a penchant for wayfarer sunglasses, oversized layers and all things 80's and 90's.

Her casual style is a hodgepodge of all…

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Carine Roitfields-Irreverent

This elegant book is a visual history of Carine Roitfeld's fearless career. A daring instigator, she is known for pushing the limits with her subversive styling ideas. Featuring a selection of 250 magazine tear sheets and covers from pivotal editorial shoots and advertising campaigns, as well as intimate photos, this book gives an inside view into Roitfeld's creative thought…

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Puma- PICO bike

I want one so bad!

I am so involve with Pumas PICO bike. Its not only easy on the eyes but its stylish framewith awesome colors and cute basket makes it probably one of the coolest bikes ever.

This 8- speed bike features and integrated/basket carrier at the front, BMX tires, and an aluminium-alloy frame. It is not foldable like some of the Puma bikes but its not so huge that…


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Ladder High...

Old school, hell yes. Old fashioned, definitely. Avant-garde in my approach to most things, certainly. Prude, nuh uh.


When I was growing up, we always knew that there wasn’t really sage in the Robertson’s spice jar, it was another altogether more fun herb that our parents had very well hidden at the back of that high kitchen cupboard.

My parents were a product of the 60’s and 70’s, for sure. I never saw them stoned but I definitely remember…


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Nathalie Du Pasquier's Art

Nathalie du Pasquier a French artist and designer produces still life paintings with the use of domestic objects and minimal wooden constructs, creating a geometric feel of post-modernism....…


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My 30 Day Challenge

I recently wrote a blog…


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HTK HOMME is a brand that is strong and bold.  

We have stylish clothes, immaculate service and a luxurious retail space for you to view our collection.  Our Prive room is made specially for those clients who we choose to look after in a more dedicated way.  Available to members only. This room is a private oasis where one can relax and view the latest…


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The Prettiest Boy in the World- Andrej Peijic

Many people are blessed with beauty. Some even make a career of it. But very few can work both sides of the runway.

Andrej Peijic was easily the most beautiful model on Gaultier's runway this week. The 19-year-old it-boy, who fled war-torn Serbia to conquer the fashion world, is definitely having a moment. In…


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Back to Black

We have all heard the saying that 'Black is timeless' and so often we tell ourselves , that we are no longer going to wear it and that we will opt for vibrant colors or exotic prints.

But with all that said, in time we all go back to black!

For some reason it never fails us, its clean, sophisticated and chic.

Wether its a black jacket, black leggings, or the infamous little…


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Beautiful Smoke

These gorgeous visuals from french Vogue, make you want to have any excuse to go out and smoke up your eyes. My favorite for Smokey eyes is still MAC cosmetics smolder eye kohl pencil................................................................................................................................…


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Couture Collections: Givenchy

Riccardo Tisci, the Creative Director of Givenchy took inspiration from the 1927 Fritz Lang movie Metropolis and the theme music from Russian film, 1924′s Aelita (Аэлита), to create the Haute Couture Range for S/S…


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Queen of Snow

This Eskimo inspired editorial titled, “Queen of Snow” is featured in the January 2012 issue of Vogue Korea. …


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Black Lace

Lace dates way back to the fifteenth century when women wore elaborate headdresses detailed with the patterned cloth. Ever since, it has gone on to impact fashion immensely (ranging from the Victorian era’s lace collars to fingerless gloves and biker shorts’ trim circa 1985), and I expect its popularity will continue to recycle and reform every few decades.

Aside from suggesting an…


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Chanel Couture Spring 2012

While visiting Chanel's website yesterday looking for images of Coco Chanel for my previous post on her Parsienne Apartment, I came across this striking set design for the latest Chanel Haute Couture Collection - Spring 2012. Karl Lagerfeld latest creative fashion show location was made…


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Monday Inspiration


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POP Bottles by Utopia


“POP bottles is the new gorgeous visual & design art project from Utopia: some beautiful bottles manipulated and ironically mixed with universally known toys brands.” This seems a little shocking, but I appreciate the parody of how real-life companies target youth. ..............................................…


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Mothers And Daughters By Julia Fullerton-Batten

Julia Fullerton-Batten the very talented photographer has just released her latest series “mothers and daughters”. In this collection, Julia portrays the complex and challenging relationships between a mother and her daughter. Through the adventure of her work, she shows documentary and biographical aspects…


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The Dark Side Of Fairy Tales

We all love a good fairy tale - but what if Snow White ended up dead in an underground car park instead of being whisked off by Prince Charming?

A provocative new series by photographer Thomas Czarnecki casts a spotlight on the concept happy endings. Turning the traditional notion of fairy tales and the perfect…


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Bridal Wardrobe 2012

The year of 2012 has just begun and we already at the end of our first month. My path of 2012 so far has been very interesting and fulfilling...no I’m not getting married, but I constantly hear about weddings and bachelors already, so early in the year, people are planning the cakes and invitations, getting places and decor together and of course the ultimate..."The Wedding Dress". You…


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