Review: Bokkie and the Moment in Time.

Sweetness revealed

I cannot express clearly enough what Bokkie and the Moment in Time do to me. I first heard them play in earnest at the beginning of the year at Love and Revolution in Melville. I was going through a break up at the time and I remember a sweet voice letting these jazz standards escape from Sian Eliots mouth. Like her voice was not a part of her. That the powerful voices those songs belong to had let go of the control and allowed her to take these songs to a different place. Tears welled in my eyes each time I heard a new heartbreaking lyric and I saw the damaged eyes of my girlfriend at the time.

I feared seeing Bokkie and TMIT again for this reason.

I got something a little different from their gig at The Bioscope in the Maboneng precinct, the sadness came from a better place. A place of confidence and strength. Perhaps because Sians voice has got that much stronger (still sweet) and Paul Ross' guitar is so clear and strong.

I dont know a more beautiful duo on stage at the moment. Paul doesnt let us hear his voice too often, mostly during the song Rent (Pet Shop Boys) and when he does its gravely and hidden. He doesnt give you anything, like his voice is a secret and he'll let us have some but this is a time for sweetness, a time for Sian.

Its difficult not to wax on about them, so I'll stop now. But the next time you see me put up a "What to do tonight" and its Bokkie and The Moment in Time.

Just go, and thank me later


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