Irene Stephanou’s Meze, Mira and Makeup is an hilarious one-woman account that is both poignant and passionate, and encapsulates the agonies of an adolescent Greek girl growing up against the grain.

In a world where being asked to dance is the penultimate prize, Mira articulates her encounters in a mimicry of colourful chameleonic characters that we can identify with – whether we are of Greek heritage or not.

As she dabbles in her destiny, this soliloquy of social commentary is doused with lashings of laughter as Mira, portrayed by Taryn Papadopoulos Louch, foregoes feminine stereotypes and takes solace with a suitor of her own, much to her mother’s dismay.

A must-see, Mira bares her soul with irrepressible joy and pain, and takes us on a journey of our own as she uses every second to convey language, laughter and a lesson or two.

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