We all strive for perfect skin in this imperfect world and it does somewhat seem to be the end of the world when our skin acts up or is not as radiant and clear as we’d hoped for.  I have middle-aged friends on all sorts of extremely intense skin regimes because the pressure for “flawless radiant skin” is top notch.


Well, thankfully, in this day and age we have the best scientific researchers across the globe; more specifically our most trusted are those working for Lancôme, fighting the good fight with us to help solve problems such as skin ageing and pigmentation spots which are the two most dreaded words us ladies don’t want to hear.


Lancôme has just launched a brand new skincare formulation designed to create perfect, flawless skin, taking all the stress off our shoulders.  The DreamTone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector is available in 3 exclusive formulas that address dark spots, colour irregularities and uneven skin tone.  For those who dream of beautiful skin even without makeup, these correctors were made for you.



The brain whiz in me was overjoyed to carefully read through the entire scientific report for these new skin tone correctors, because not only does it sound exciting and truly like a breakthrough, but it makes complete sense from a physiological standpoint.


So, what it comes down to is that Lancôme has clinically observed three different pigmentation profiles, and has developed these DreamTone formulas to correct dark spots, unevenness and pigmentation irregularities in fair, medium and dark skin tones.

Each formula targets excess melanin synthesis (which leads to pigmentation irregularities), restores epidermal homeostasis (keeps things working the way they should) and fights against inflammation and stress.

Each formula also addresses specific concerns commonly seen with each respective skin tone:


  1. Fair Skin – helps to target vascular dysfunction to reduce redness
  2. Medium Skin – helps to brighten sallow skin tones
  3. Dark Skin – helps to target blemish marks


The formula also has a pearly, reflective texture that brightens and illuminates skin immediately for a healthy, radiant look, as well as pink and copper pigments to improve the look of your skin tone.

I’m absolutely in love with the product and want to believe that in 4 weeks, I may be walking around make-up free!


DreamTone will be available in three bespoke formulas and will retail at R 850.00.  It will launch in South Africa on 14 October 2013, at all Lancôme counters in selected Edgars, Red Square, Stuttafords, Woolworths, Truworths and Foschini stores nationwide. Lancôme Customer Care number is 086 100 1085.


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