Fabric Masks from Filorga- a must in Winter!

 I was delighted to be able to test these super hydrating masks in the last 2 and a half weeks- the cold weather has certainly done its best to dry out my skin and with more chills coming I am stocking up on my anti-ageing arsenal. Masking is so great to do at home- you can either relax on your bed or in a bubble bath and read with it on, or if you're a multi-tasker like me, you might want to do things while it works its magic. Just make sure you're alone though- it's a bit of a Darth Vader look...

Filorga's new fabric masks are great for a quick boost before a special occasion, as they work quite rapidly and give you the most gorgeous result. I had an event to go to one evening,. so I tried the Time-Filler Mask- more suitable for mature , dry skin. This is what Filorga claims it does:

"TIME-FILLER MASK has a double smoothing effect, which lifts and visibly smoothes wrinkles, whilst stimulating skin regeneration for a reinforced anti-ageing action".

It contains ingredients which tighten and lift- the mask is beautifully cut out- I found it adhered well to my face and the best part is that you don't wash your face afterwards- the serum soaks into your skin and you just massage the excess into the skin. Glow girl! My skin felt really firm and plumped out- quite dewy. I was also able to layer products like moisturiser and a touch of foundation a bit later- no pilling problems whatsoever.

i tried the Hydra-Filler Mask the following weekend, although this one is more suitable for a younger skin:

"HYDRA-FILLER MASK is a super-moisturising mask that delivers concentrated, instant and long-term hydration whilst reinvigorating the skin to restore radiance and freshness."

This was equally as pleasant to use and gave my skin a lovely hydrated look- these masks are really worth having in your drawer for those special occasions- it's like giving yourself a facial at home. So as usual, Filorga has packed all these healthy and gorgeous ingredients into the serum: Aloe Vera which contains over 200 beneficial molecules including Vitamin A, B, C and E, Iron and Zinc, all of which contribute towards a fresh and luminous complexion. And of course the magic happens with the Hyaluronic acid- it just adds the wow factor every time.

So these get my thumbs up- both  masks retail for R175 per mask and are available at selected Edgars, Red Square and Clicks stores.


For a full list of stockists visit www.filorgasouthafrica.co or contact (012) 548-0725.



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