Above: visualisation of Iris van Herpen's new water dress on Daphne Guinness by Roland Didier

Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen will create a dress modelled on splashing water during a live week-long broadcast for fashion film website SHOW studio next month (+ movie).

Photographer Nick Knight will use high speed cameras to capture black and clear water thrown at actress Daphne Guinness, then Iris van Herpen will use the imagery to produce a one-off couture piece that will resemble flowing water.

"The water-dress symbolises for me the incomprehensible magic of the body," says van Herpen. "I often wonder if we will keep on wearing fabrics in future, or if dressing will become something non-material, something that is visible, but not tangible or touchable."

The project will build on the concept of liquid clothing that van Herpen showed in her Crystallisation Collection at London Fashion Week in 2010. How the dress will be created and what it will made of will be revealed during the transmission.

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Comment by Taryn Jones on March 26, 2013 at 8:31

Beautiful.. Want to know what it is made of..

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