By putting a strong emphasis on colour, the fashion trends for Spring 2013 are all about embracing its vibrant essence; and if we’re talking blue, men will feel equally relieved and excited because as opposed to other trends, this one is actually not all that hard to pull off. Of course, that doesn’t mean throwing on a pair of jeans and calling it a day as a little imagination and versatility won’t hurt either.

The runways seemed to agree with its timeless qualities and as a result this season, blue in every one of its beautiful shades set the tone for what later morphed into a fun and highly appealing trend.

Blue tones at Gucci S/S ’13 men’s, Iceberg S/S ’13 men’s and Paul Smith S/S ’13 men’s

How to wear blue this spring:

You probably already own some blue clothing, but if you feel like adding to your collection, refreshing your wardrobe or simply introducing blue to your closet this season, here’s what you should not be missing:

A pair of fitted trousers, slightly cropped at the ankles that you can wear with loafers
A laid-back, knitted cardigan for the chillier days
A modern rendition of a polo shirt

Blue tones at Missoni S/S ’13 men’s, Rag & Bone S/S ’13 men’s and Paul Smith S/S ’13 men’s

For a fresh, colorful and daring look, pair your shade of blue to yellow, orange, and even pink


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