5 Reasons Why Preplanning Your Funeral Is Something You Should Consider

Death is something that is unpredictable yet the most inevitable part of our lives. If you ever faced a situation where you had to arrange a funeral for your loved one or someone you’ve been closely involved with, you might understand the emotional difficulty and practical challenges one goes through the whole process. One has to make all the arrangements for a funeral while dealing with the grief. Even if we don’t like to think about death but pre-planning the funeral for you and your family rather ensures protection against sudden financial burden in a scenario where you should be left praying for their souls and grieve in peace. This is the sole reason why you should normalize opting for a family funeral plan along with other medical plans to be properly prepared for any situation. 

What funeral plans can cover for your family?

Let’s pause and think for a moment from a practical view. If you’re the sole breadwinner of your family, there are various expenses you need to cover including rent, utilities, groceries, school fees, clothes, etc. each month. In your absence, your family not only have to cope with the grief but also have to deal with arranging and taking care of the funeral. Considering the harsh reality of how unpredictable death is, we need to be ready at least by arranging the money for the funeral to complete without worrying. Pre-planning the funeral will give you that peace of mind and helps you to be ready to face any circumstances.

Reasons you should plan a funeral beforehand 

1. Ease the burden on your loved ones. Planning your funeral beforehand will help your family to understand your wishes and helps them to make the right decision. Confusions and complications related to burial or cremation, open or closed casket can be avoided easily if you already planned and decided how and what to arrange by leaving a plan behind.

2. Save your family from the sudden financial burden. Some families face severe financial position when they lose a loved one which becomes a matter of worry to many at a sensitive point in time. You can relieve you’re the burden of a sudden financial crisis from your family by opting for a funeral plan beforehand. When you pay for your funeral in advance it not only ensures the reduction of financial burden but also saves your family from an inflated funeral cost future. Funeral insurances offer secured financial planning for your to plan ahead.

3. Have the opportunity to pick the best suited financial option. Your family might face challenges to make financial preparations to arrange the funeral especially if the death is unexpected. Chances are they might rely on loans, credit cards, savings, or even crowdfunding to arrange the funeral. There are some options you can choose in advance to ease up the process. 

  • Prepaid funeral contract- You are able to pay in advance and make monthly or quarterly payments in most of the funeral plans. These funds will be used to cover the expenses in the need.
  • Funeral trust-Setting up a funeral trust after establishing a prepaid contract will be used for the agreed services for the funeral.
  • Payable on Death Account-By opting for this will allow you to set an account through your bank to pay for the funeral. You’ll be asked to name a beneficiary and the person will be allowed to access the funds when in need. POD account has the benefit of avoiding probate as well.
  • Life insurance or funeral insurance-life insurance policies help you to cover funeral costs and some of them also provide your family to cover any unpaid debts.
  • Savings-you need to have plenty of savings specifically for your funeral ready. Also, your family may have to wait to have access to the funds for days. 

4. You might want your wishes to be followed. Funerals should be left for grieving and praying for the deceased soul rather than arranging and worrying about managing the finances. There are some wishes we all have that we want to be followed after our death. Planning these things ahead will ensure these wishes can be followed properly without any confusion.

5. Ensuring peace of mind-Planning your funeral ahead and prepaying for it is not only is a selfless act but it also ensures peace of mind for you.


Opting for a funeral ahead plan will ensure that you are in control and give your family a sense of security in the vulnerable time. Not only this is indeed a wise thing to do but also you’ll help your family to face this situation even in your absence.

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