Located in the Johannesburg metropolis is a beautiful place called Midrand. It is often called the Halfway House because it is exactly at the mid-point from the Rand and Pretoria. Among the massive eight tourism nodes, this is one of the most popular. Perfect connectivity of roads and transport has made Midrand a popular destination for setting up businesses.

This has also helped in the growth and development of Midrand over the last few years. it has now become a significant spot for tourism, weekend trips, holidays, and corporate outings too. There is available accommodation in Midrand that not only accommodates travellers or tourists but also holds magnificent conferences and business meets. It is located in a place that is the economic hub of Gauteng Province.

The Gallagher Estate

This is among the busiest convention centres in South Africa. This estate receives clients all over the world, willing to host their ceremony and events. This place can allow 12,000 delegates at one time. Among the estates, some rooms and boardrooms are reserved for intimate meetings and the rest for the public and visitors. The area reserves 25,000 square meters of place only for exhibition, which is a lot when you wish to display a lot of products at a time. The Gallagher Grill is a fabulous place to place a banquet for an event. There are ballrooms and other attractive gardens, that speaks about untampered South African beauty.

Glen Austin Bird Sanctuary

This is something that bird lovers love the most. Here you can find this amazing bird sanctuary. It strives to protect some of the beautiful plethora of bird species. The most astonishing thing is that these birds are kept exactly in their natural habitat, where there is no pollution, or hunters hunting them down. Bird lovers come here with far-reaching ranged binoculars to watch the birds above 200 species. The species include Lanner Falcon, Black Kite, Spur-Winged Goose, the African Sacred Ibis, Reed Cormorant, and many others.

Kyalami Racing Circuit

If Formula racing has been your passion, then you have an opportunity to watch them in front of your eyes, out of the video game. Kyalami proceeds with world-class tracks and cars that race on well-maintained circuits. It has a legacy of holding the Grand Prix and Formula one races several times.


People come to visit from every corner of the world. South African Lipizzaners have become one of the cultural phenomena of South Africa. Equine specialist adores these horses and racing lovers feel it to be a gift of majesty. These horses have immense learning power, which is why they are among the sophisticated stallions. Lapizzaners carry the legacy of the Spanish riding school in Vienna. With such a heritage, SA Lipizzaner Centre still offers coaching to the people who love riding stallions.

Life is not always about tourism and travel. Excitement is often hidden in adventures. Save time till the time is there to enjoy the bits that might not be ready to adopt you once it is late. Relieve your passion in Midrand and you will see how you underrated your capabilities all these years.

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