5 Reasons Why PDF Is the Most Common File Format Ever Used

PDF, also known as Portable Document Format, is the most popular and widely used format in almost every business sector and for personal use. Being highly versatile PDF files are universal and can be edited in Windows and transferred to iOS without a hassle. It is easy to divide PDF, delete pdf pages or even divide PDF pages. PDFs are easy to share across different platforms and devices without worrying about the format being altered.

For this reason, every industry asks for documents in PDF format for various purposes. 

Convert any file into PDF

The convenience of using this format is that any file including files in Excel, PowerPoint, or Word can get converted into PDF without any complexity. This enables you to share files and documents through cross-platforms easily without much effort. Just convert the file format into a PDF that usually requires seconds and share it from Microsoft PC to an Apple Mac or vice versa. You can even make it more interesting by adding audio or videos and many other features into your PDF. This feature of PDF is one of the main reasons it is the most widely used format across the globe.

Provides security 

If you are dealing with sensitive and confidential content, then you might want to protect the file from any unauthorized access. You can secure a PDF file, unlike other documents through an encrypted password that ensures advanced security and is safe from any penetration. Many firms use PDF files for this reason to safeguard confidential information and to prevent any high-risk data to be accessed by someone without a permit.

Can be easily accessed

Known for its versatility, PDF files can be accessed and shared through any platforms and devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones of both Windows and Mac OS. This allows you to save a lot of time and effort and enables a seamless experience in file-sharing across various platforms. Irrespective of where you are, you can still access similar functionality from every kind of device.

Being universally supported document format

When you’re sharing an important document, the main concern is to maintain the format of your file after sharing it with another device or OS. Usually with other formats, opening them on a different device can change the format of the file that can leave a disappointing impact on your recipient. PDFs on the other hand let you share the document exactly how you laid it out and because of this is primarily used as the main format for printing documents as well.

Provides Digital Signature

PDF files let you assure the integrity of the information through digital signatures and certificates. This ensures the PDF encryption to be stronger and reliable especially for businesses and organizations.

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