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Why Timber is Used in Construction Projects

Timber has been an important part in the construction industry for years! It continues to be a lot more functional and a popular choice for architects and builders. Timber is quite a versatile material and a widely used building material, known for its thermal insulation and great load bearing ability. There are several timber manufacturers in South Africa who offer timber for use in different projects and purposes.

Timber is quite a…


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How technology changed the way we bake

Since humans can remember we have always been solving problems or introducing new inventions to make our daily lives easier, one of the solutions humans invented was baking equipment. For many centuries’ humans have learnt new ways how to bake and make it as easy as possible. One of the first types of baking equipment machines that was invented is the oven which was primarily used to bake bread. Now in 2019 there are a wide variety of machines that…


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Your One Stop Guide to Buying Baby Shoes Online

Did you know your baby’s feet will grow about two sizes a year until they are about four years old? Your little one’s feet will grow quickly, so it’s important to know how often to check whether their shoes still fit them or not. Luckily, if they no longer fit, there are several stores that sell baby shoes online in South Africa. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about finding time to rush into a baby…


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Wood and the Importance it plays in our Lives

Rare Species of wood is now available all over the world because of international trading. Meaning, you can buy almost any species of wood in a variety of forms and ready for any application you have in mind. However, you should make sure that you buy your wood from renowned Cape Town timber supplier to ensure that you are buying quality wood.

When purchasing timber from timber suppliers there are a few factors you should be on the look-out…


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Common Tools Available for Hire

If you are in the construction industry it is important that you have all the necessary tools for carrying out all the different tasks. Often companies prefer not to buy tools for their construction projects. Instead, they choose to hire tools because it is costly to purchase them, especially if you do not need them in the future. You can rent any tools or equipment you need from the tool hire companies in Cape Town.



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The Challenges Faced by SMEs for ERP Implementation

The general perception of ERP systems inside the business sector is that they are meant only for large-scale organisations. Reasons put forward include the high cost of ownership, the complexity of implementing such a system and of course, the question of adoption.

However, the reality is quite different, as proper ERP implementation in small and medium scale organisations can yield very positive results. Today, there…


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Aluminium Fabrication in South Africa

Metals play some role in every home and workplace helping to improve our lifestyles daily. From basic tools to large appliances, we use metal items. One such metal is aluminium which is strong, durable, corrosion resistant and affordable, so it is inevitably a popular choice for manufacturers within the industry.

However, before we turn the raw aluminium into a product, we must turn it into pre-made shapes suitable for assembly use. This process is called metal fabrication.…


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Three Window Styles that are Suitable for All Buildings

Windows are an essential part of any room allowing natural light and air to enter the room and allowing residents to see outside their home. The style of the windows also influences the style of a home, modern or traditional. Meranti window manufacturers offer a wide range of window style options, each with different looks to complement the modern or traditional style of the building.

Further, the window styles also dictate…


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How Outsourcing Payroll Services Benefits a Business

There are many parts of running a business, such as sales, marketing and customer service. Although all of these are taken seriously, payroll service is often neglected despite it being very important for employee satisfaction. If your payroll service is not top-notch, then you may end up with unmotivated employees at your office, hampering productivity. Instead of in-house payroll, you can consider assigning the professional payroll…


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A guide to Scaffolding Maintenance

Scaffolding is regarded as one of the most important components in the construction industry, with various scaffolding suppliers operating in the market. Project owners should be able to rely on the functionality and durability of the units in question, which makes maintenance a big factor.

How Scaffoldings Can Get Damaged:

1. Improper erection: There is a set of directive rules and regulations which one…


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How to Find a Medical Scheme which Fits Your Unique Needs

One size does not fit all. This statement is especially true for medical schemes. Individual requirements are bound to vary and therefore it is essential to have provisions to provide custom medical schemes.

Medical aid covers and schemes enable the members to avail treatment in the best hospitals. It becomes very important in case of emergencies as private…


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Advantages of Using Steel in Structural Construction

At the present time, more and more developments are popping up all over South Africa. This rise in the number of developments invariably increases the need to create quality and strong buildings. There are several hardware suppliers in Cape Town who recommend the use of steel while manufacturing…


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All You Need to Know Before Buying a Traditional Wood Fireplace

Since the early nineties, fireplaces have been warming the indoors of European houses to a perfect temperature. Placed in the heart of the house, the living room, it provides cozy warmth in the chills of harsh winter. The oldest variant of fireplaces, i.e. the traditional wood fireplace is still pretty popular as most people wish to bring that ancient royal ambiance into their home. A traditional wood fireplace utilizes wood to sustain the flickering fire which serves not only as warm up but…


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Fitness Trainer Jobs: An Office that Keeps You Fit

In the modern day, many people find it difficult to take time out of their busy schedule and do workout. So, a number of companies have started in South Africa that offer boot camp and fitness programmes. The demand for personal fitness trainers have been on the rise for some years as many people now take essential steps to stay fit. The boot camps in South Africa now…


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Wood Veneer Flooring: A Brief Overview

In the past, the installation of hardwood flooring was costly along with the needs for regular maintenance. People started to look for alternative options like laminate and wood veneer flooring. Several wood veneer suppliers operate in South Africa and offer high-quality flooring products. Wood…


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A Comprehensive Guide to Buy Headphones

Did you think buying headphones is way too easy? It is not so. You can ask any professional DJ or radio jockey and they will give you a big list of what you should look for in a headphone. It is not only about selecting a popular, well-performing brand even though brands do matter. However, nowadays, it has become easier to buy a headphone due to the increasing number…


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Different Types of Buttons Used in Clothes

A button can be defined as a small disc, typically round in shape and they are usually attached to garments or to a part of your clothing in order to secure an opening. In modern clothing, small buttons are used, and they are made of plastic, wood, metal, horn and shells. Nowadays, the uses of buttons are not only limited to secure an opening but they are also used as…


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Self-Lock Scaffoldings: Modular Solutions for all Architectural Challenges

Self-Lock Scaffolding system is a unique model of scaffolding system that is rapidly becoming a favourite with the contractors for its high utility. Easy to assemble and detachable, Self-Lock Scaffolding is designed with lightweight structures that easily integrate with the construction system. Self-Lock Scaffolding is most commonly used in remodelling projects, electrical works, building maintenance, and other tasks. Self-Lock Towers which are widely used across different construction sites…


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Reliable Air Freight Services in Cape Town

The demand for air freight services has been on the rise ever since the first step towards it. The carriers all over the globe are always looking for ways to improve their services and expand their air fleets.

The logistics department demands fast, safe planes that have ample cargo space to smooth out the delivery process. For the airlines, a significant…


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Print Business Cards to Bolster Your Company

As the rise of technology becomes ever so ubiquitous, its functionalities have percolated to activities which until the very recent past were done in the real world. These activities include sending business emails, signing new contracts with clients, and networking with potential partners. However, there is one business derivative that is regularly used by…


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