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Advantages of Hiring Professional Content Writing Services

Do you own a big company and looking forward to expand your business across the world, or you have started your small company? It does not matter what sector your business belongs to and how good you are at it, you may not be an expert in content writing, the content that you can use on the website of your company.

With the passing days,…


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The Different Cyber Security Solutions and Why They are Important

In recent years, more people have adapted to the everyday use of the internet, which is why it’s so surprising that the issues regarding cyber security have not been discussed more. When most people think about cyber security, they think of a hacker attempting to get into someone’s bank account, ransomware destroying a company’s computers or they…


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How to Cost-Effectively Add More Space to our Property

Are you looking for a simple and cost-effective way to add more space to your property and increase usable floor space? Does your business require more storage space? Or, are you simply a homeowner looking to add another room to your home? Well, before you look to knock down one of your walls to build onto your home, why not consider mezzanine floor construction?

For those that aren’t…


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The Unknown Benefits of Plastic Brick Moulds

Regardless of what the construction project may be, building blocks are a crucial part of any construction process. How would you build a house, wall or boundary without bricks? The issue today is that the costs of building materials and bricks are rising exponentially. Not only this, but many architects and builders are complaining about the scarcity of brick manufacturers and suppliers. As a means of combating this issue, …


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The Importance of Stainless Steel Finishes

Stainless steel itself is a strong and durable metal with an aesthetic appeal that makes it a preferred choice for different applications. Not only do stainless steel appliances last longer with low maintenance, but they are also resistant to corrosion and enhance the appearance of one’s home.

However, the beneficial properties of stainless steel can be further improved with the addition of a surface finish. Surface finishes can be decorative or non-decorative. Non-decorative finishes…


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Your First Step Towards Your Dream Wedding

Most couples that have gotten married will agree that there is a lot more thought and planning that goes into a wedding than one would imagine. It is a huge time commitment. Whether you are planning months or years in advance, you first step should be hiring someone to take care of some of the plans for your wedding day. It will only benefit you. The…


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Your Solution to Beating the Load Shedding Blues

Thanks to load shedding, South Africa is now an interesting and unpredictable country to live in. Nobody is happy with the constant power cuts, but we can either spend our time being frustrated or we can prepare for the future. In the current tech-driven world we live in, it can be incredibly difficult to go without electricity, especially when it starts affecting your productivity. However, thanks to innovative engineers, there are several solutions to overcome the load shedding…


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The Secret to Karoo Lamb’s Unique Flavour

The Karoo is a semi-desert area in South Africa that encompasses almost 40% of the country, which is comparable to the size of Germany. Did you know that the Karoo is home to the most distinctively flavoured lamb and mutton? So much so, that Karoo Lamb…


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Consulting Engineers: Their Roles and Responsibilities

Did you know that there are actually several different types of engineers? One of which is a consulting engineer. I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘well, if there are many different fields of engineering, what are consulting engineers responsible for?’. The truth is, consulting engineers in Cape Town are responsible for many key areas in the planning and implementation of construction projects.

More specifically,…


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Everything You Need to Know About Installing Grab Rails

Contrary to popular belief, grab rails can benefit more people than only seniors. When it comes to falls and slips in the shower or bathtub, anyone can be a victim, especially children. While shower stalls and bathtubs look relatively safe, you’d be surprised by the number of people that slip and fall when climbing out of the bathtub or shower. If you…


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Wave Goodbye to Your Damaged Hair

When we have dry and damaged hair, we go into a frenzy searching for miracle hair care products, DIY hair care products or jump onto the latest trending hair care products in South Africa. More often than not, we tend to review blogs to see what hair care products show considerable results in the hopes that we can reverse some of the damage we have caused without having to cut majority of…


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Five Benefits of Using A Hairdryer

Haircare is now a necessity and you need to maintain the health of your hair throughout the year. No hairstyle can make you look professional if you roam around with wet, frizzy or unkept hair. Therefore, after washing your hair, it is recommended that you blow-dry it before styling it. This is why a hairdryer is an important hair styling tool you…


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Everything you Need to Know About Preparing for Your Botswana Safari

You’re about to embark on your first Botswana safari and you’re likely to have several questions. What do you pack? What are the considerations you need to look over before booking Botswana safari tours? What are the common do’s and don’ts when going on a safari? If any of these questions sound familiar, continue reading for your very own Botswana safari guide.


What to pack

This list will only cover a…


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Why Timber is Used in Construction Projects

Timber has been an important part in the construction industry for years! It continues to be a lot more functional and a popular choice for architects and builders. Timber is quite a versatile material and a widely used building material, known for its thermal insulation and great load bearing ability. There are several timber manufacturers in South Africa who offer timber for use in different projects and purposes.

Timber is quite a…


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How technology changed the way we bake

Since humans can remember we have always been solving problems or introducing new inventions to make our daily lives easier, one of the solutions humans invented was baking equipment. For many centuries’ humans have learnt new ways how to bake and make it as easy as possible. One of the first types of baking equipment machines that was invented is the oven which was primarily used to bake bread. Now in 2019 there are a wide variety of machines that…


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Your One Stop Guide to Buying Baby Shoes Online

Did you know your baby’s feet will grow about two sizes a year until they are about four years old? Your little one’s feet will grow quickly, so it’s important to know how often to check whether their shoes still fit them or not. Luckily, if they no longer fit, there are several stores that sell baby shoes online in South Africa. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about finding time to rush into a baby…


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Wood and the Importance it plays in our Lives

Rare Species of wood is now available all over the world because of international trading. Meaning, you can buy almost any species of wood in a variety of forms and ready for any application you have in mind. However, you should make sure that you buy your wood from renowned Cape Town timber supplier to ensure that you are buying quality wood.

When purchasing timber from timber suppliers there are a few factors you should be on the look-out…


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Common Tools Available for Hire

If you are in the construction industry it is important that you have all the necessary tools for carrying out all the different tasks. Often companies prefer not to buy tools for their construction projects. Instead, they choose to hire tools because it is costly to purchase them, especially if you do not need them in the future. You can rent any tools or equipment you need from the tool hire companies in Cape Town.



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The Challenges Faced by SMEs for ERP Implementation

The general perception of ERP systems inside the business sector is that they are meant only for large-scale organisations. Reasons put forward include the high cost of ownership, the complexity of implementing such a system and of course, the question of adoption.

However, the reality is quite different, as proper ERP implementation in small and medium scale organisations can yield very positive results. Today, there…


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Aluminium Fabrication in South Africa

Metals play some role in every home and workplace helping to improve our lifestyles daily. From basic tools to large appliances, we use metal items. One such metal is aluminium which is strong, durable, corrosion resistant and affordable, so it is inevitably a popular choice for manufacturers within the industry.

However, before we turn the raw aluminium into a product, we must turn it into pre-made shapes suitable for assembly use. This process is called metal fabrication.…


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