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Wildlife, Mallrats & Morons

Driving out of the Addo National Park yesterday late afternoon, it occured to me that at four and a bit months old, my niece Luna had been exposed to her first lions and elephants before her first shopping mall - Not that she'll remember, but the notion made me smile. I recall bumping into an old varsity acquaintance and her young daughter at the Woolies in Sandton once - their trolley packed with little girl pink of every size and description, with the young girl clutching, and…


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Never EVER Give Up!

Watching a documentary on sharks with my nephew Ilyo this morning, there is a particular scene that he and I love! We watch it again, and again, each inspired in our own way and becoming progressively more elated together! It's a scene shot in a bay, where baby gennets (seabirds) take to the water for the first time to fly - without their parents, who've already left the colony. Understandably, inexperienced young birds floating on water and flapping their wings draws sharks. Big ones. Bull…


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I've been spending a lot of time on my drum kit lately. The better I become, the better I want to be - especially since the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. And now that I've hit you with two great cliches in a single sentence, let me make my point. If you don't love it, it aint gonna be fun for you, and you're not gonna become a FUNdi at it!That's it, that's all! I love love love playing drums! So it's fun for me to sit there starring into the distance doing rudiments and… Continue

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Juliustraction - Juju's Sole Purpose of Distraction

Remember that daft game we played at school? - the one where you held out your left hand, got the other kid to look and then bonked him on the head with your right - remember? In today's South African socio-political landscape, that game's now a firm favourite - and the red herring left hand has a name: Malema.

It happens time and time again, as I've pointed…


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The PeOpLePoWeR of my life

Having recently returned from Jozi, where I was treated with all the love saved up for the prodigal son, and was then welcomed back in Gtown with so much warmth, I've felt like a very very lucky so and so all day! Add to that being featured on neofundi, putting that on facebook and getting such a kind response from so many, and I'm flying on my friends' wings! Love is an amazing thing! In my heart I know it's what we're made of! And the people in my life remind me daily! Fifteen years ago… Continue

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