Thank you to neofundi and my good friend Socs - a friendship now into its 35th magnificent year - for providing such an amazing platform for me to share some of my thoughts ... and now my music.

So ... emboldened by my friends' positive reaction to my posting of one of our band's songs "My Death" yesterday, today I'm posting the vid of one of our live performances earlier this year. The song's called "East Cape Blues" and was shot exclusively on iPhone and edited on laptop by good friend and Rhodes TV Journ lecturer Paul Hills. The venue's our beloved Champs, where we play our happiest gigs in Gtown! The vid's fabulously 'rough n ready guerrilla style' and gives you a taster of what it's like when we perform. Enjoy! Socs - you're the man bro! Thank you! 



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Comment by alexandra avgitidis on July 18, 2012 at 18:11

Thanks for sharing Strato:)

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