I've been spending a lot of time on my drum kit lately. The better I become, the better I want to be - especially since the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. And now that I've hit you with two great cliches in a single sentence, let me make my point. If you don't love it, it aint gonna be fun for you, and you're not gonna become a FUNdi at it!That's it, that's all! I love love love playing drums! So it's fun for me to sit there starring into the distance doing rudiments and paradiddles - drumming's version of musical scales - on and on and on. And I swear as magical as drums are, without the love, my rudiment and paradiddle routine would feel exhausting and monotonous. With the love, it becomes a glorious meditation and the short-route to rapid improvement! Passion makes even hard work fun! A lack of it, and even molehills grow into mountain ranges.
PASSION! - The most overused word in modern marketing today. Every company's suddenly so passionate about what it does. Which begs the questions of how an inanimate construct can feel the heart's fire; and where that emotion is on a Monday morning when staff drag themselves into work. I've never seen passionate morning office parking lots. In the afternoon, on the way out, it's a different story. The truth is, very few really love what they do! Those fortunate enough to do so, are blessed! - They can actually have fun and become brilliant!
So that's my little Friday contention for the day - that the first three letters of fundi actually define what it takes to become one! Find your fun! And then turn it into your proficiency. Money follows passion; and the rest's just hard work that feels like it!

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Comment by Marieke Buys on October 21, 2011 at 16:35
i just have to say thank you for this post!!!! it has truely given me new inspiration and i am now on a mission to find my fun :)

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