A few weeks ago with the release of “The Impossible Project x Polaroid Classic Line”, a series of artist collabortions throughout 2012 was compiled in the celebration of the launch of the Polaroid Classic Line in the Impossible Project Space NYC. So, 2012 kicks off with the first group gallery showing “INSTANT REVOLUTION” which will be on display at the Impossible Project Space NYC from Thursday, February 9th to March 23, 2012.

For more than 60 years, the immediate image has been a revolutionary aspect of how artists create, consider and define analogue photography. INSTANT REVOLUTION will feature photography captured on the Polaroid Spectra film (production run from 2008) – one of the earliest products introduced to the Polaroid Classic line. Gary Baseman, James Franco, Maripol, Mary Ellen Mark and Jennifer Juniper Stratford, five successful and contemporary artists have contributed as they take to different approaches as they illustrate their relationship with analogue photography.

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