Unconventional Design – Qbic London City Hotel

I remember a time in my life that I wanted to persue a career in design, be it fashion or interior but the world at that stage was not an oyster and the possibility of making good money in a career like this in South Africa at least, was a gamble.


Today, countless people, almost every second person I meet in actual fact, is in some or other creative, “dream job” and my heart glees at the thought of South Africans earning proper money in creative fields.


With life being a “world wide web,” the level of creativity globally is phenomenal and we’re seeing great things come from this.  Just recently I read an article on the new Qbic London City Hotel which “represents a step change in the world of hospitality.”  It’s been designed to reinvent low cost travelling, offering the “perfect basics” with exclusive, interiors and follows a strict concept in construction and a simple formula when it comes to delivery of service.


Each of the 171-guestrooms is dominated by a pod-like structure, the Cubi, which partially encloses the bed and also integrates a stylish bathroom component. The genius idea of the Cubi is that it can be 'inserted' into former office buildings, giving them and their neighbourhoods a new lease of life.

Each Cubi features integrated TVs and changeable mood lighting. Tim Mutton of Clerkenwell-based agency, Blackshee, is the mastermind behind the handcrafted interiors, featuring a flexible continuum of dining, living and working areas furnished with flamboyant colour contrasts and a clash of patterns.


Some furnishings and accessories have been made from re-purposed materials, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the hotel.  The hotel also offers rent-free space in its basement to creative start-ups and there is a well-lit staircase for use as an artistic exhibition space.


Following on from its successful predecessor in Amsterdam, the unconventional concept behind the Qbic London City Hotel and the “Cubi” is both exciting and interesting in its offerings and definitely worth a visit next time you’re in London for everyone looking to be inspired.



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