Come January, we’re all in need of a serious cleanse due to the fact that we may have over-indulged, just a liiiiitle bit over the feastive season.  Now before you have a semi-heart attack…I’m not suggesting that you go on an extreme no carb, only cabbage soup diet in Jan…I’m merely suggesting that you be clever this year and start ahead of the New Year and all it’s crazy resolutions which are put in place to make you fail.


ElleUK has help at hand and have looked to the experts for some advice.  Anya Ladra founder of Raw Fairies, Clare Neill co-founder of Radiance Cleanse and Tom Whitehead nutritionist at Soulmatefood collectively agree that “The more you can gradually prepare your body for an intensive cleanse the better you will find the experience.”


Two Weeks Before

Ditch Caffeine

Clare Neill says ‘caffeine is the number one thing to monitor before you begin your detox’. This is because ‘caffeine is such an addictive substance you need a transition period so that you don’t suffer bad symptoms’. Green tea has a third less caffeine than a cup of coffee, so make the switch early on.

Go Green

Nutritionists suggest that in the few weeks before your detox you need to up your five-a-day intake. Introducing more fruits and vegetables increases the amount of vital vitamins and minerals, boosts our immune system and keeps our skin looking radiant in the cold of winter.

Tom Whitehead talks little and often – ‘if you reduce your main meal size and increase the number of meals you have a day to five or six this will increase your metabolism and control blood sugar levels to stop you snacking and reduce body fat storage’. Choose ‘lean meat, vegetables and nuts’. So pile your plate full of winter veggies for Christmas dinner!

Tom Whitehead orders you to step away from the microwave as ‘processed foods are not naturally produced which are hair to digest and may affect our hormone levels. Stick to clean, fresh foods including lots of fruit and vegetables’.


This may come as a surprise but nutritionists advise you to avoid strenuous exercise before embarking on a detox – hurrah! Opt for lighter exercises such as ‘yoga, walking, Pilates or swimming’, suggests Anya Ladra. Do yoga in your living room whilst watching your favourite Christmas film, or if you can face the cold, wrap up warm and go on a long winter walk.

Five Days Before

Go Probiotic

In the five days before your detox you should start preparing your mind and body for your cleanse. Start taking probiotics, suggests Clare Neill, these will ‘keep the floor of your gut healthy’ which is vital.

The gut is balanced of good and bad bacteria, when we get stressed or run down, especially in winter, the bad bacteria begins to take over which leaves the body out of sync and prone to illness.

Wholegrain Goodness

Tom Whitehead says that by replacing ‘all refined Carbohydrates i.e. anything white’ with wholegrain, we increase our fibre intake to keep you feeling fuller for longer and maintain a healthy bowel. By stocking up on wholegrain carbs we help our bodies to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Tom recommends:

‘Quinoa! It releases energy slowly and is high in fibre and protein’ it’s also ‘less starchy which reduces bloating’.



Staying hydrated before and during your cleanse is crucial. Anya Ladra advises, ‘aim to drink 1-2 litres of filtered water per day’ to flush out toxins.’


*Information regarding detox courtesy of and ElleUK.  Please consult your GP before embarking on a detox.


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