Charm Rose Eau de Parfum – the concept


Today, an international fashion label without its own fragrance seems unimaginable. THOMAS SABO is fashion. Following the introduction of the Charm Club Collection in 2006, the company succeeded intransforming the brand into an internationally successful fashion label with seasonally changing collections in line with the great prêt-à-porter shows in Paris, Milan and New York.


With its opulent range of topics, the Charm Club has managed to spark a huge passion among women of all ages to inspire them to constantly change their combination of Charms in line with their own personal story. Hence, the Charm Club has become something of a fashion statement, an expression of emotions.

For Creative Director Susanne Kölbli, it was therefore a logical development to merge jewellery and perfume by creating a fragrance and to complement the diverse Charm Club world with a sensually-fragrant “Luck, Fashion, Love & Passion” statement.



Charm Rose Eau de Parfum – the fragrance


A sensual fragrant statement of “Luck, Fashion, Love & Passion”“Luck ashion, Love & Passion.” With Charm Rose, THOMAS SABO has succeeded in subtly transferring the essence of the Charm Club concept to the new perfume concept: from the fragrance to the bottle and all the way through to the packaging.


And THOMAS SABO has created a refreshingly multifaceted and inspiring fragrance which appeals to women and girls in equal measure: women because it allows them to be young, carefree and hopelessly romantic – and girls because it enables them to be incredibly feminine, seductive and cosmopolitan.


Charm Rose Eau de Parfum – packaging and bottle

Girlish charm meets seductive femininity


The packaging and bottle have a 1950s feel: a round, elaborately lacquered box in typically-striking black and white, crowned by the Charm Rose as the seductive accent in red. It houses the elegant bottle, enveloped in delicate, pink satin.


The striking design of the bottle and packaging appear to have originated from the current Charm Club Collection. Indeed, the bottle design is a THOMAS SABO creation and the stylistic association with a Charm is very much intended. At the same time, its creators have lavished considerable attention to detail and quality on the bottle. To this end, the black and white stripes on the side have been applied by hand. The exquisite, heavy silver-look bottle top conveys a sense of luxury. And the hand-tied cord with pendant, which can be worn either as a bracelet or as a hair tie, underlines the playful, girlish flair of the overall concept. The combination of Charm Club logo and Charm Rose image on the pendant once again emphasises a link between jewellery and perfume.

Charm Rose Perfume Candle – the fragrance for the home

The launch of the exclusive scented candle rounds off the Charm Rose fragrance experience


Accompanying the THOMAS SABO Eau de Parfum, the company will also be launching the exclusive Charm Rose Perfume Candle in August – with the precious fragrance of Charm Rose Eau de Parfum. It contains pure essential oils from Grasse in the South of France, the capital of perfume making. Even today, this is where many of France’s best perfumers harvest the precious ingredients for their fragrances using methods unchanged for centuries.


The Charm Rose Perfume Candle is handmade and burns for around 30 hours. A particularly mild, pale pink blend of wax ensures that the fragrance fills the room and is long-lasting. The high-end candle holder is internally finished with an organic white lacquer and has the characteristic stripes of the Charm Club on the outside. And it goes without saying that the scented candle also comes with elegant packaging in the form of a stunning jewellery box in the typical THOMAS SABO design.


 The new THOMAS SABO Charm Rose Collection

Charm Rose Eau de Parfum and Charm Rose Perfume Candle


Light-hearted elegance, enchanting femininity and just the right portion of charm. These are the ingredients that lend the new Charm Rose Collection its unique note. With the Charm Rose Eau de Parfum and the Charm Rose Perfume Candle, THOMAS SABO has once again shown its extraordinary instinct for trends and created two unique and sensual products – for people who love the beautiful things in life and whose joint passions are independence and individuality.


Charm up your life!




Lucky neofundi Member:


neofundi is giving a lucky fundi member a 50ml Thomas Sabo Charm Kiss Eau de Parfum. All you have to do is email and the first message we receive will WIN this stunning fragrance!


Lucky neofundi Member:

neofundi is giving a lucky fundi member a 50ml Thomas Sabo Charm Rose Eau de Parfum. All you have to do is email and the first message we receive will WIN this stunning fragrance!




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