The all new Cartier ID two concept watch. ID for idea and ID for Innovation & Development. Cartier revolutionizes mechanical watches with the Cartier ID Two concept watch, a high-efficiency watch equipped with a revolutionary movement which consumes 50% less energy and store 30% more energy than a comparable mechanical movement. This triumph of watchmaking is based on 3 essentials characteristics:

1/ Store maximum energy. This energy is given by twin Duolevel barrels each equiped with two springs composed of fiberglass. This innovative conception allows to store 30% more energy.

2/ Maximize energy transmitted from the barrels to the oscillator. Cartier presents a revolutionary gear train and escapement that transmits 25% more energy than its conventional counterparts.

3/ Minimize consumption of the oscillator. Cartier invents the Airfree™ technology, which enables a vacuum inside the Calibre de Cartier Ceramyst™ case. Evolving without air friction, the oscillator consumes 37% less energy.

Thanks to those breakthrough innovations, the Cartier ID Two concept watch, first free-adjustement and free-lubrication high efficiency watch, offers 32 days of power reserve in a standard-sized watch case and show the way for tomorrow's watchmaking.


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