Say No More – Babor, Hy-OL & Phytoactive Cleanser

I’ve fallen in love with the Babor Cleansing CP Hy-OL Cleanser…why you may ask, as we have so many other cleansers to choose from?


It’s a two-part cleansing duo that unites the natural cleansing power of oil and water to form an exceptional, signature bi-phase cleansing system that provides a mild but complete deep-cleansing, without drying out your skin or making you feel like you've just had a mild face-lift!


Made with pure, natural soybean, sesame and peanuts oils (pure indulgence for the nut fanatic I am), as well as quillaja extract, which enhances the cleansing effect, this gentle, preservative-free, hydrophilic (water loving) cleansing oil is perfect for any skin type and allows skin to breathe freely, leaving a fresh, rosy complexion. The best part of it, it’s free of preservatives!

With all of its benefits, it’s still important to know how to use it so that “you get your monies worth”.


How To Use Babor Cleansing HY-OL Cleanser:
Apply 4 pumps of Babor Cleansing HY-OL Cleanser to face, neck and decollete (do not moisten beforehand), and gently massage in. This will wipe away oil-soluble dirt particles, make-up and excess sebum. Then apply 2 pumps of Phytoactive on top and blend with the HY-OL. Moisten your fingertips and massage into the skin until a milky emulsion is formed. Rinse off thoroughly with plenty of cool water. NOTE: Always use in combination with the appropriate Phytoactive for the specific skin type. 

Et Voila! Makes you feel like you have baby skin, once again, but most importantly gives you that natural glow you've been searching for since you were, lets say 17!



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