Beautiful launch at Shepstone Gardens showcasing Pandoras s/s16 range

Renowned for its high-quality, hand-finished products at affordable prices, PANDORA designs,
manufactures and markets all its own jewellery. For over 20 years, the brand has produced its jewellery in Thailand using unique processes that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Today, the company is one of the country’s largest jewellery manufacturers with approximately 10,400 highly skilled employees working at PANDORA’s fully owned jewellery crafting
facilities in Gemopolis, Bangkok.


Adding a new dimension to floral-inspired jewellery, and a new flower to PANDORA’s most popular blooms, is the enchanting Forget Me Not series. 

The concept of taking micro floral prints and lace, tailoring them in a contemporary way and weaving them into unique interpretations is encapsulated in the standout Forget Me Not
statement ring. Infused with historical and romantic associations due to their sweet colour, shape and sentiments of true love and fond memories, pretty forget me not flowers
illustrate a stunning scene from nature. Combining bold outlines with petite details, the ring’s wide,
lace-like openwork design in sterling silver features an elaborate decoration of forget me nots. Making the flowers come to life and twinkle are bead-set spotlights of purple hued cubic zirconia stones, accentuated with lines of glittering clear stones. Create a style touched by springtime with subtle, on-trend floral detailing and sparkling pastel hues. A matching collier necklace, hanging and stud earrings, and a spacer are also available in this series.


Innovative stone cuts, couture craftsmanship and echoes of new pop culture have been combined to create the breathtaking Poetic Droplets ring series. 


Inspired by the concentric centres of flowers, glittering geometric motifs formed by graceful circles
adorn a sumptuous new jewellery series in 14k gold. These are my favourites!


1. Forget Me Not earrings and ring
2. Blooming Dahlia earrings and ring
3. Poetic Droplets rings
4. Radiant Elegance earrings
5. Radiant Elegance ring and earrings
6. Floral Daisy Lace ring, earrings, dangle and pendant

For more information: Contact: Jodi Lynn Karpes: | 084 876 5431
or Angie: | 011 706 2377 #PANDORA

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