Mamma Mio & Mio, a skincare brand for women, created by women, wanting to fulfill their own “selfish” desires of looking and feeling good during and post pregnancy, has a range of products said to “give your skin positive energy from top to toe, so you feel confident and gorgeous in your birthday suit... no matter the birthday.”


They’ve just added a new kit to their product line, the Mio  - Fit Skin Kit – positive skincare for active souls.


What’s in the box?

·         Boob Tube+® multi-action bust firmer 30 ml

·         The Activist™ firming active body oil 30 ml

·         Workout Wonder® invigorating muscle motivating gel 30 ml


Your gym bag ready set for skin that’s good to go – north, not south, bouncy not slack, ready to move! The kit will:

• Strengthen, moisturise and nourish dry, stressed skin 
• Keep crinkles at bay so your décolleté stays smooth 
• Energise, cool and revive muscles instantly 


Boob Tube+® multi-action bust firmer 
The famous bust and décolleté firmer just got better! Keeps delicate skin toned, bright and crinkle-free, plus gives super sag protection.  Aim North, not South!

The Activist™ firming active body oil 
This is the best resilience-building antioxidant body oil you will ever use; seals in vital moisture for strong, supple skin.  Strong is the new skinny so come on, Be An Activist!

Workout Wonder® invigorating muscle motivating gel
An energy shot for your muscles, Workout Wonder boosts you into action pre-workout and helps you recover quicker with an uplifting cocktail of herbs and extracts.  A gym-bag must!


Lets face it, us women need a whole range of products that is packed with actives, that ensures our skin is as fit as our bodies – because your skin is the bit that everyone sees. So it has to look its very best, all the time.  Mio is said to deliver skin that’s smooth, gorgeously fit and happy.


Go to to find your list of stockists.

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