This new trend doesn’t take much explaining, it’s simply fantastic and reminds me that even the simplest of things can make a fashion-forward statement.


Decorative gold and silver body jewelry—in the form of stenciled-on delicate chain bracelets, laurel necklaces, and festival-ready feathers that seem to float across the skin—has become a beauty-and-fashion phenomenon in recent months, turning up on everyone from Alessandra Ambrosio and Carolina Herrera de Báez to Aerin Lauder.


If you’re going to attempt wearing this trend, go for something that resembles your own personal style of jewelry or for a special occasions dare to be different but remember the stickers last for approximately 4-6 days.


Where to get your hands on these tats?  Although I’ve seen this trend mostly in international publications, an online fashion website is selling them.  Hurry so you can be the first in your circle to sport this chic fad.


*1st Image photographed by Elizabeth Brockway (

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