If you’re not already green with envy of those who sit in the front of a plane, i.e. First and Business Class passengers, now you will if you’re flying on Japanese Airlines, Lufthansa and Air France.

Seems like it’s the latest “foodie” trend to see aviation companies collaborate with celebrity chefs in order to meet the gourmet expectations of high-end travelers.


The newest collaboration with Japan Airlines is with Hiroki Yoshitake, chef at the Parisian restaurant, Sola who has introduced a new in-flight menu for the airline, fit for a Queen.


In first class, caviar, smoked salmon and beef tenderloin are among the high-end dishes travelers will enjoy. Business class passengers, meanwhile, will savour foie gras mousse and sautéed lobster, among other offerings.  Passengers can end their meal on a sweet note with a light tropical fruit cream, a bergamot-infused milk chocolate mousse and a light cookie.


Meanwhile, Air France, has called upon French celebrity chefs Joël Robuchon and Guy Martin, among others, whilst German chef Joachim Wissler, boasting three Michelin stars, has put together menus for Lufthansa.


Sound good enough to “fit the bill?”  Well, I wouldn't know as I’m yet to fly first class but I’m not sure if the food will be my selling point….



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