I know that many people who are into skincare prefer to save their cash for a good product range, or budget wisely for the more active treatments that give them real results, for example a chemical peel, a mesotherapy or a microdermabrasion . But even if there is gratification with these valuable procedures that have you investing in your skin, I was thinking that perhaps the good old fashioned facial with a steam clean, a mask and a massage is deeply missed, as it is definitely a pampering session- lines are smoothed out because of relaxation and the feeling of well-being kind of lingers for a while afterwards. 

I recently discovered that you can have the best of both worlds- having your cake and eating it, so to speak, with a gorgeous facial done the old fashioned way but using medical grade skincare brand, Exuviance. The facial includes a mild, superficial skin peel, according to skin type, but with no downtime, as well as a sensational mask (Bionic Oxygen Facial mask- it's excellent). I loved the fresh, cucumber smells- nothing like a facial that smells divine! While your mask is on you can enjoy a hand or foot massage and later a full facial massage. Utter bliss. Exuviance Therapist Charmain Rabie (Assistant to Dr Debbie Norval) will be your guardian angel for an hour. Great if you have an occasion where you want to look your best, a date night or just good ol' ME time. It's well worth it.

Price: R750

To Book: 076-538-5614


Photo: http://www.yourbestskinadvisor.com/real-user-exuviance-reviews/

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