Stodels Garden Centre has some fantastic festive gift ideas to suit all pockets – whether it’s for you or for someone you love ...

1. Poinsettia - a 'festive season flower’

Beautiful, flowering Poinsettias have always been a popular gift over the festive season.

Potted and ready for the table, these are traditional Christmas flowering plants that will last and can be pruned and re-potted for the following year. Their bright red foliage and dark green leaves are the perfect colours for any festive décor.

2. Slabs of seeds

From chillies to tomatoes, peppers and rocket – the slabs of seeds look like a bar of chocolate but are much healthier and fun to grow.

3. Terrariums with mini orchids

Small is beautiful and our terrariums with delicate mini orchids are a beautiful gift for indoors.

4. Cactus mixed bowl

Cacti are so easy to grow and their variety of shape, colour, form and exquisite flowers make an attractive mixed bowl. The good news is they don’t need much maintenance - or water - and are fantastic indoor plants, especially in an ornamental jar.

5. Starter growing kits – chillies, herbs and veggies

There is nothing nicer than growing your own herbs and veggies, so why don’t you give one of your favourite people a kit to start growing their own fresh produce. It’s a gift that keeps on growing!

6. Chilli pots

Look out for our brightly coloured polka dot chilli pots, they will brighten up your kitchen and it means you have constant ‘chillies on tap’ on your window sill.

7. For bonsai lovers

A potted bonsai plant makes a perfect gift. There is a bonsai starter kit that has all the ingredients you need to start this great hobby. The Ginseng Ficus is ideal for first timers or newcomers to the world of bonsai growing. It does very well indoors provided it is away from excessive light and is watered moderately.

8. Solar lights

Light up your garden or entertainment area with solar lights. They absorb the sun's energy all day and can be inserted into the ground or potplants for a lovely display while you are entertaining. Not to mention you save on electricity as well.

9. Red flamingo flower in a ceramic pot

Everybody loves a lily and our flaming red ones are no exceptions. Buy a ready planted red flaming lily: this delicate variety is a tropical evergreen plant which thrives in low light and with some TLC will last for many years.

10. For the feng shui aficionados

Lucky bamboo is not only a conversation piece, but it also plays an important role as a living example of the feng shui elements of water, wood and earth. If placed in the correct pot, it can introduce fire and metal to complete a balance of the five elements. This plant is one of the most recognisable and popular feng shui cures. It's an easy care plant that can survive in any quality of light. Feng shui principles claim that bamboo attracts auspicious chi energy. Since the bamboo plant is strong, it can energise your home.

With so much to choose from, you can’t go wrong. But if you are still undecided, then a Stodels gift voucher is always a super option. For more information, visit

Please note ornamental pots and plants are sold separately.  

Images are only an indication of the products look and feel.


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