QMS: Introducing the Next Generation of Collagens and Exfoliants

Renowned for their pioneering innovations, QMS Medicosmetics latest development is an exciting re-formulation of their signature collagens and exfoliants. These new formulas, found in both the Classic Collagen Set and MED Collagen Set, deliver an even greater effectiveness in targeting premature skin aging, stimulating cell renewal and providing intense hydration across more layers of the skin.
The first innovation with the collagens is the introduction of the revolutionary Neotec A15® complex; this is a synergistic combination of collagen and hyaluronic acid of differentiated molecular sizes. By using the lower molecular weight hyaluronic acid it can penetrate into deeper skin layers taking with it the collagen. This provides an enhanced water binding capacity that increases the moisturizing capabilities as well as improves the skin’s softness and elasticity. The addition of the peptide Matrixyl 3000® aids in the activation of the skin’s own repair processes and helps to stimulate cell renewal; the result is a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines as well as the skin becoming firmer. The lightweight texture of these updated formulations provides highly effective rejuvenation against skin aging and boosts the moisture levels in the skin to leave it looking smoother, more revitalized and younger looking.
With the Exfoliant Fluid and Dermabrasive Gel a new fruit acid and enzyme combination further optimizes the penetration of the ingredients, additionally protects against dehydration and maximizes the productivity of the fruit acids whilst still ensuring the skin’s valuable barrier function is not damaged. For the best anti-aging results use in combination with the collagens as a combined system of skin care.

New Highlights in the Collagens:

  • Neotec A15® Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Complex for enhanced hydration
  • Matrixyl 3000® for cellular renewal, reduction of fine lines and restored elasticity
  • Omega-CH-activator® with Vitamin E for protection from free radical damage

New Highlights in the Exfoliants:

  • Fruit acid and enzyme combination for cell regeneration and improved moisturization
  • Anti-irritation complex for optimal tolerability

The collagens and exfoliants can be purchased individually or in the combined Classic Collagen Set or MED Collagen set and are available at select salons and spas. For a list of stockists please visit
www.futurethis.co.za or call on 0860 01 80 22


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