Beauty marks have graced the cheeks and chins of celebrities for centuries and now they are starting to show themselves on runways all over. It is said that Marilyn made them memorable but Karl may have just made them marketable..........................................................................................

 Marks of Distinction

Beauty marks have a strange and mixed past. The Greeks thought that they could determine a person’s destiny through them, the Romans tried to fade them with remedies made from ashes and snails and the medieval clerics believed that beauty marks were a sign of demon possession. Finally spots became fashionable in the seventeenth century when they were used in the French court. Women and men created small black mouches from leather, taffeta or velvet to wear as temporary moles.

 Some Like It Spot

Beauty marks travelled through history as being iconic in the mid-twentieth century when Norma Jean Baker took Hollywood by storm with it. Marilyn Monroe sent women by the flocks in search for charcoal liners and paint pots, basically anything that could replicate the signature spot that Marilyn had on her left cheek.

Who's That Girl?

Madonna had a similar facial distinction. The young bombshell had a dark beauty mark under her left nostril that took this trend through the nineties. And then it began to fade and suddenly disappeared. The questions behind this mysterious disappearance began a part of the enigma that is the Material Girl whose magical mole lives on its very own twitter account.

Photo Finish

Cindy Crawford had a beauty mark on the left side of her lip, but she never removed it, but her keeping it never stopped others from removing theirs. In the 1990's she posed on her first cover of British Vogue alongside Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell. The design staff that dealt with make-up airbrushed Crawford’s signature beauty spot so much that she now states "Whenever they mess with the mole, I cringe”.

Vanishing Act

Sarah Jessica Parker had the beauty spot on her chin removed in the year of 2008 due to intense media scrutiny. She states that she "didn't think a thing about it and then apparently it turned into mole-gate”.

Tattoo You

The Queen of burlesque’s spot is in fact a tattoo that she touches up with make-up so that it adds a 3D aspect to her alabaster skin in photographs.

Stud Finder

Amy Winehouse made Monroe’s piercings popular with diamond, platinum and gold studs. 

Marked Women

Hollywood’s current leading ladies have a few things in common. Amazing trainers and access to the best designer dresses on the market, but Scarlett, Natalie, Eva and Blake also all have the birthmark of beauty as well. 

Stuck on You

The world of fashion has proved that it can also take on the aspect of moles/beauty spots. Take the Chanel Cruise show for instance, the one where Karl Lagerfeld staged in May at Versailles whereby Peter Philips(the creative director of make-up) designed velvet interlocking CC stickers that doubled as beauty spots for the occasion.


Semi precious Weapons

Alexis Mabille followed the Chanel Cruise show earlier this month, asking makeup artist Carole Colombani to affix his models' cheeks with a single black Swarovski crystal.


Circle Game

Pencils and liquid liners are the way to go; they have a more precise and less sparkly look. If you want one that has major staying power, mark it with Khol liner such as “Clé de Peau’s Eye liner pencil in #201 black and then top it off with a quick-dry liquid formula such as Revlon’s Colorstay liquid liner in Blackest black or Estee Lauder’s new Pure colour quick-thick eyeliner on 01 Punker Black or even Nars eyeliner Stylo in Capates.


Tip: Allow the glue to dry for a few seconds so it becomes a little tacky before you apply your piece of face flair. M&J Trimming Black Paillettes - $5.98 for a single pack

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where can I get me a chanel one?

Comment by Taryn Jones on October 3, 2012 at 12:26

Lovely look. So pretty and timeless

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