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R.I.P Denim

A quick DIY post... Follow the link:…


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Flowers in Bloom

Summer is here! Cape Town is buzzing and the sun is shining brightly - finally the flowers are out in full bloom so why leave them for mom's garden and the nursery? Flower crowns have been around festivals for years and have been loved and…


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Join the Revolution and become a FUC Addict

Many months of planning (and resting) and I am officially re-launching my own locally made clothing label, Fashion Under…


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Dressing for Expecting

So I have finally hit the half way mark and the tummy has popped out in full force. Now let me put one thing straight, we have all seen the movie "What to expect when expecting" and I can fully agree that as wonderful as pregnancy is, dressing…


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One for the Lads

Excuse me while I drool and oogle, yes lads we too can do that wonderful thing you call "eyeing" out for talent. And one trend I am absolutely loving for men is tartan - yes nothing beats a man wearing a skirt with confidence whispering sweet nothings into my tartan loving ears... For the not so brave skirt wearers however there are so many other options too, printed…


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All that Glitters

I am feeling high glam today, from head to toe. They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but let's face it we don't…


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My favourite type of V-line.

noun: chevron; plural noun: chevrons
  1. a…

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I woke up like this...

I am a girl and yes I can; without a doubt concur that there is nothing sexier than looking like you just dragged your ass out of bed. And yes call me cliche' a creature of comfort, ensure to add your man loves tee for an ultra outta bed look fit for the runway!…


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Sometimes I just wanna wear my heart on my sleeve


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Matte polish is a must for me this season. This subtle update is fresh and yes yes I know this has been around for a while but I decided to give it a try DIY style and loved the outcome. Not too girly and easy to do - why not try similiar shades of one colour, each finger different and incorporate ombre with the matt finish for an even more NY ready…


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There's a hole in my bucket...

I feel like I have stepped back into time and my favourite item of clothing has returned, this is why you NEVER fully clear out a closet. Fashion never fails to return in the most suprising and unexpected ways, first came the jelly babies and now dungaree's in all shapes and sizes.

Whats next? Boys of London, Camo pants (which let's not forget made their comeback 2 seasons ago and I am sure will return) Oh and let's not forget the kitten heel (GASP!) Oh yes my least…


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[Q]uilty Pleasures

Call me old fashioned but I have a new found love for quilting. This could be due to the fact that I recently turned 28 , did I say 28 I meant not a day over 21... Whatever the reason quilting is making a huge come back into the fashion industry and into my heart (and bed)

Whats great about quilting you ask? There is something very homey and…

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the Hunter[D]

It's raining it's pouring...

Cape Town you have proven the jealous cynics right when it comes to the Autumn rains. However these little size 3's aren't afraid. Its rain boot season and what better way to hit the streets of Cape Town than with a pair of Hunters. Brings back memories of rainy days in Camden Town. London such bliss..

I feel…


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Enimen what can I say. Cape Town you fu#k3n rocked it! It was not always in the cards for me to be going to the concert, but after a quick road trip with some Eminem classics on the radio, I was officially a fan.. I even got the studded cap to prove…


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Miley Serious?

So call me crazy and delayed... BUT what the hell is up with the "new" Miley Cyrus? I just can't seem to understand or appreciate her recent 180 million degree make over, or should I say fake over?

I completely understand stars and celebs under going changes in their appearances, dress sense and music choices BUT Miley has officially put Lady Gaga to shame with all her new looks. I don't recall Hugh Hefner announcing vacancies at the…


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50 Shades of Grey in the bedroom

So with my new move down to Cape Town it is time to re-invent my new home. This is what I have found inspiring for my bedroom. Neautral palette with quirky and artistic touches..........................…


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Crushing on Cara...

I have a real fascination and admiration for Cara Delevinge. She is young, fresh, and super quirky. Her infamous "dont give a shit" attitude has attracted designers and photographers from around the world. Although not new to the model industry, Delevinge is still a face to watch and continues to produce amazing work!



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Trend Alert: Chukka Boots

It has been ages since I last posted one for the guys, so here it is. My latest and favourite obsession for the boys, Chukka Boots. Stylesight posted these recently as a trend to watch out for in the coming seasons. Chukka's are great for winter and summer, worn sockless or with contrast printed socks to smarten them up, these little suede booties are a must for any…


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Jelly love


Look what is back from the cupboard grave.. #excited

Jelly babies are making a comeback, what do you think of this trend?…


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Trend Alert: In the Clear

According to trend forecasters at Stylesight; transparent plastics continue as a key material for summer. Saturated pool blue tones and transparent materials conjure a watery feel. These transparent bags can be seen around the world, from runway shows to the streets alike. This easy and fresh look is a huge statement piece for both men and women - one that I am going to love all…


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