So I have finally hit the half way mark and the tummy has popped out in full force. Now let me put one thing straight, we have all seen the movie "What to expect when expecting" and I can fully agree that as wonderful as pregnancy is, dressing the part does get increasingly difficult as time passes by.. Especially for a jeans and sneakers kind of a girl. I don't do maxi dresses or flowy very often.

First problem I have is my little size 3 sausage toes, which will only continue to grow in width (fatness) hence the need for closed toe shoes but the heat doesn't help with that either. Secondly call in the udder boob police, wow these "puppies" as men so abruptly refer to them as have almost tripled in size already!!! And I've still got a good few weeks to go - all hail the maternity bra and sports bar - my 2 newest best friends.
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