So call me crazy and delayed... BUT what the hell is up with the "new" Miley Cyrus? I just can't seem to understand or appreciate her recent 180 million degree make over, or should I say fake over?

I completely understand stars and celebs under going changes in their appearances, dress sense and music choices BUT Miley has officially put Lady Gaga to shame with all her new looks. I don't recall Hugh Hefner announcing vacancies at the Mansion??

So once (and if) you can get passed the none conformist, half naked and semi anoerexic clothed mannequin that has become Miley, you discover the music. Not many people can deny, this self proclaimed "twerker" does have talent and has come along way from her days as little Miss Hannah Montana - who let's face is was the sad aunty of the new Miley.

Which brings me to my last point on this topic: We all know the show How do I look? Contestants typically are victims of a combination of poor fashion sense and lifestyle situations that exacerbate the problem, Jeannie Mai I think we have a new challenge for you... AKA Fix the wrecking ball that is Miley Cyrus.



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Comment by Candy Paula May on October 8, 2013 at 18:36


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