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Robots in Forex Trading

Forex trading offers a heap of choices on you. You can trade using market makers or ECNs, you have a choice between brokers having MetaTrader platform and ctrader broker. Automated trading systems offer a volley of advantages to the traders who buy robots to take their place in moderated, ‘safe’ trading. They help in not only generating and executing profitable trades, but also in helping traders diversify their trading…


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Make a Difference with Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing, technology and social media has a significant impact on how we behave socially, how we act as consumers and how we do business. Therefore it is fair to say that any company that does not adapt to the new era of marketing and communications, is in danger of losing out.

 Good quality content writing is a vital component of any website. It adds incredible amount of value to your digital presence and helps you find more clients. Without high quality…


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Importance of Electricity

Without electricity, home and office appliances will not work and there will be disruptions in daily work routines hampering both your personal life and loss of money in the case of a business. Modern man relies heavily on electricity to perform everyday work such that he/she becomes agitated when power is off even for a few minutes.

Electricity is the basis of most modern inventions of the 21st century .The utmost necessities of modern day life like mobile phones,…


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An Introduction to MCC Guidelines

MCC or the Medicines Control Council is the name of the medical devices and Pharmaceuticals Regulation Body in South Africa. It is a statutory body which supervises and oversees the production procedure and the ingredient use in medicines and medicinal devices, by firms operational in South Africa. It also sees through the clinical trials of the drugs and medical products on animals and human volunteers; and following its…


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Veterinary Emergency Unit- Indeed a need for pets

An Emergency Unit has become an integral part of any good hospital. Lives of people are saved if treated with promptness and care in an emergency unit. The same goes for our pets. A veterinary emergency unit plays a vital role in saving the lives of animals when faced with critical injuries or illness.

Medical emergency is something that is of utmost importance in any medical organisation. Prompt addressing of the…


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