Yayoi Kusama is renowned throughout the world for her repetitive, rhythmic, and even hypnotic work with polka dot patterns. Throughout the years, she has assiduously covered paintings, drawings, sculptures, films and performances, creating gigantic installations where, in an attempt to share her psychological traumas and fears, she immerses the viewer in her obsessive vision of endless dots and nets or infinitely mirrored space. This year however, Kusama’s polka dots will also be covering some of the most fashionable items in the world: following a trip to Tokyo where he met the artist, Marc Jacobs decided to celebrate Kusama’s unique style in an extensive collection named “Infinity Dots collection” for the Louis Vuitton label.

Simple combos and intuitive contrasts are the proven recipe for success, and this is what Jacobs went for: highlighted to various degrees, the fun repetitive pattern can be used for both making a statement without compromising the integrity of the outfit. It also leaves enough space for freedom and versatility. High-quality, fun and cuteness is a recipe for instant popularity, and we can definitely expect to see coloured dots becoming a common sight on the high street and on cat-walks in the near future.

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Comment by Shaamila Cassim on June 6, 2012 at 15:47

Quite dotty! :D

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