What You Need to Know about Career Coaching

To find a sustainable career and choosing the best job role that matches your preferences, Career Coaching is needed. To put it more simply, career coaching is the name of the process of grooming candidates in order to maximise their personal as well as professional potentials. In this dynamic era of constant changes, it's hard to find a job without any sort of guidance or advice. It’s tougher to manage your career and steer yourself towards success.

Managing your career is close to impossible without sufficient knowledge. This is why career coaching is needed. Accepting you as the expert in your life and work, career coaching could help promote self-confidence and further develop your personality. In cities such as Cape Town, working class people are unable to plan for their career growth. The primary objective of career coaching in Cape Town is to help find a supportable career by exacting one's professional situation. Career coaching is as important to working individuals as career counselling is to a fresher.

Objectives of Career Coaching are:

  • Enhancing the leadership, strategy-making and solution finding skills of an individual.
  • Polishing one's outlook on work & life and doing an effective job search for them.
  • Doing an effective job search and career transition.
  • Guiding individuals in making helpful decisions for their career development.

Myths Associated with Career Coaching:

  1. A perfectly drafted Resume is all that you need to find your dream job:

Creating a winning resume is definitely mandatory. But you need more than just an impressive CV to find the most suitable job for yourself. Students aren't taught the art of job-hunting and the key features of career development. But being exposed to the highs & lows, perks & downside of the career you want to pursue improves your chances of finding the best job. This could be possible with the help of career coaching.

  1. People who already have a job don't need career coaching:

Suppose you have got a good job in a big company/firm. What should you do after that? Instead of wasting your time doing a random job, you could start developing your career by selecting a job that you always wanted. With the help of career coaching, you can easily save time and utilise your resources more effectively.

  1. Your Superior/Boss will take care of your career development:

The only person responsible for your career growth is You. Not all companies help you reach your personal and career goals. Neither your boss nor your seniors can contribute to your career coaching because they tend to focus on their goals and career. But when you have reliable career coaching options by your side, you cannot go wrong with your career planning, career transition, and professional growth.

As Bill Gates, the most iconic businessman and the leader said: "Everyone needs a coach, we all need people who give us feedback because that's how we improve." It doesn't matter if you're an athlete or a scientist or an engineer. Proper guidance and a clear idea of one's goal could shift the paradigm of their career in the long run.

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