The Do’s and Don’ts: Hiring the Best Kitchen Installer Cape Town Has to Offer You

With all this DIY information at our finger tips these days, it can be hard to convince yourself to do otherwise. Especially when handing your pride and joy, over to someone who you don’t even know. However daunting it may seem, some things are best left to the professionals. So how do you spot one? Here are some tips to lookout for when choosing the best kitchen installer Cape Town has to offer you; (Information Credit –

They should know how to read a floor-plan.

Chances are, if someone cannot read a floor-plan, they do not fully understand what they are doing either. Floor-plans are critical for capturing and obtaining the correct measurements. This is the foundation of any build or renovation project. Make sure they help you understand the drawing as well, to avoid any disappointment.

Get your measurements wrong, and all the rest will follow.

As a famous saying in the industry goes, “measure twice cut once.”

If you are dealing with a professional, not only will they get it right the first time, but you might spend less money, too. DIY’s can be fun, but the risk of a do-over is always going to be 10 times more. Ask your installer to supply references so you know exactly what you are dealing with.

Speaking of money, a professional will know how to keep your budget on track.

Just because you are hiring someone else to do the job instead of burying yourself knee-deep in Google searches, does not mean it has to be expensive. A professional will be able to give you insight into various options to keep your budget on-track. This kind of industry knowledge only comes from experience, something you will be able to pick up on quickly if they provide zero flexibility. So, make sure to get more than one quote before you settle, all in writing.

Not your Average Joe:

Another way to find the best kitchen installer Cape Town has to offer you, is by making sure they have knowledge in more than just one aspect. Whoever is installing your new kitchen, also needs to have extensive insight into the most important aspects of any functional kitchen; plumbing, electronics, gas and storage. If it’s a big job, rather leave electrics and gas to the specialists.  

Of course there are many more tips, but much like anything well-built, we hope these serve as a solid foundation to help you find your way around your new kitchen.

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