Self-Lock Scaffoldings: Modular Solutions for all Architectural Challenges

Self-Lock Scaffolding system is a unique model of scaffolding system that is rapidly becoming a favourite with the contractors for its high utility. Easy to assemble and detachable, Self-Lock Scaffolding is designed with lightweight structures that easily integrate with the construction system. Self-Lock Scaffolding is most commonly used in remodelling projects, electrical works, building maintenance, and other tasks. Self-Lock Towers which are widely used across different construction sites adhere to strict safety standards. Self-Lock scaffolding systems are preferred by contractors and clients because they are easily manageable. They are quite flexible, easy to construct and remove. Going forward, the Self-Lock scaffoldings can be used to construct a tower with just a few people, within a small period of time, whereby the manpower costs can be curtailed conveniently.

  • Self-Lock Frames

Self-Lock frames, one of the most important constituents of Self-Lock towers, are lightweight frameworks made of steel. Used as a foundation of the tower, these components are made with heavy-duty materials to ensure great durability.

  • Self-Lock Boards

Self-lock Boards are used to build a platform to mount on. These boards come with hook-on systems that are extremely convenient to install. In addition, these structures are available in multiples to meet various constructional requirements.

  • Self-Lock Ladders

Self-Lock ladders also come with hook-on technology whereby there are easily integrated into the system. These hook-on ladders, which are made with heavy-duty materials to withstand external challenges, are fit to carry heavy loads.  

  • Self-Lock Base Jack

Self-Lock Base Jacks are mostly introduced at the bottom end of the construction, helping to maintain the required vertical height.

  • Trap Doors

Trap doors are removable panels constructed on the platform of the construction. They are a convenient addition to the Self-Lock tower, assisting worker to slip in and out as and when required.

  • Toe Boards and Toe Board Clips

Toe boards fitted with toe board clips to build a barricade around the platform, preventing anything from sliding off from the top upon the labours working at the bottom. They are easy to install and are crucial to ensure safety.

  • Caster Wheels

Caster wheels are fitted at the bottom of the tower to make it moveable.

  • Knee Braces and Plan Braces

Knee Braces act as stabilizers which provide support to the self lock tower. On the other hand, plan braces are used to mount your Self-Lock tower diagonally, ensuring stability. Additionally, plan braces are introduced on every third level of the tower.

  • Tie Bars

Tie Bars are fixed to at the bottom of the structure to avoid the scaffoldings from dropping. Tie Bars are often used at the top of frames to create safety railings.

On construction sites or film sets, external challenges such as the bad weather and temperature play a major role in determining work patterns. The contractor needs to construct and deconstruct a tower swiftly, as and when required. With the availability of self-Lock towers, this can be accomplished effortlessly.

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