Prospector Co. is an independent grooming line created for men who seek purpose and foresight in their skin and shaving products. The products are created with natural ingredients that are hand-blended, free of any additives, artificial fragrances or colourings, and are hand-packaged in small batches, ensuring that each is of its own quality and precision. The line targets the contemporary man who is concerned about what goes on their skin just as much as what they eat, wear, and drive.

With beautiful, minimal, organic and pure packaging, the line captures something for every man inclusive of formulas for pre-shavingpost-shaving, unshaven style to a beard gone scruffy. This all natural product does not have any alcohol, is created with quality ingredients and sensitive scents.

ESL Notes: The packaging is clean, medicinal and old school, which I think makes the product trustworthy, visually beautiful to display in any bathroom and masculine. I think this brand is awesome.

Every drop of Prospector Co’s grooming products have been carefully thought out with regards to it's properties, potency and functionality. Prospector only uses the finest and purest essential oils. Their products are inspired by “prolific figures” of American history, whereby they see their products as food for the face and body.

The combinations of natural oil such as grapeseed, kukui nut oils, argan, cedarwood, sandalwood, shea butter, absinthe, witch hazel, aloe, cedar water, coriander, wormwood and avocado oil, make the brand a one of a kind in terms of smell and results. Not only is the product amazing but it is also their modern, pure, fresh and eco-friendly product packaging and branding that makes the right first impression and conveys the right message for this brand - ”food for the face and body.”

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Comment by Shaamila Cassim on February 7, 2012 at 11:22

Awesome product.. makes me wana grow a beard! ;)

Comment by Candy Paula May on February 7, 2012 at 17:57

LOVE this! Small wonder I love bearded men too :P

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