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An ideal car: good looking, comfortable, quick, sporty, quiet, nicely appointed cabin that is packed with technological features, frugal on fuel and not too pricey to buy. These are some of the things I look for in a car. How about you? I’m sure you have additional requirements too. The list could potentially be very long.

Opel have a winner in their Corsa Sport. Here’s why. Of the list above it ticks all the boxes. R260K gets you the new stylish Corsa Sport. Fitted with a punchy 1.4T – offering 110kW of power with a 0 to 100 sprint time of approx. 9.5 seconds. You get an attractive city car loaded with big car features like: automated Bi-Xenon headlights with Cornering Light Control, automated windscreen wipers, Stop Start technology, speed-dependant power steering – engaging the City Mode makes manoeuvring as light as a feather, sports seats, Advanced Park Assist, Hill start assist (no rolling back),7” touch screen, called IntelliLink. The system offers audio, technical info and telephony operation - all via the touch buttons or the Siri voice operated command.

The cabin is trendy: sculptural dash layout featuring the stylish shiny black plastic, called piano black finish. The Sports seat are upholstered in a black, white and charcoal tartan fabric. The overall look? Nice, albeit not the best in its class.

Performance is great, its EcoFlex engine does a sterling job – it’s quick, quiet and reasonably economical to run (approx. 8.5l with spirited city runs). The 6-speed gearbox is pretty good – smooth with short shifts. It’s much improved over previous Opel manuals but again not class leading. On the go, the Corsa Sport offers the perfect balance between comfort, athletic muscle and spot on road height for less than perfect pole holes, speed bumps and rough road irregularities. It’s not perfect though, some highly strung jarring can be felt in the cabin over short purposeful speed bumps.

On the whole and with a generalist assessment the Opal Corsa Sport is a winner. The Sport comes standard with a Service Plan – 3 years/60 000km.


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