For those of you whom aren’t familiar with NARS, it’s a cosmetic line launched by Francois Nars in 1994 at Barneys, New York, whom is a perfectionist at heart and became frustrated with the limited offerings of make-up colours on offer. 


He launched a collection of 12 lipsticks and had an overwhelming demand which inspired him to create a full line of cosmetics, enabliling women to indulge in his idea of total beauty.


NARS’s latest collection is inspired by the works of famous French Photographer, Guy Bourdin, who produced some of the most daring and iconic fashion and advertising photographs of the 1970s and 1980s, inspiring many people working in fashion today.  Francois Nars, reportedly ripped Bourdin images out of Vogue Paris and hung them on his wall when he was 10 so it seems the perfect fit for his new collection.


Bourdin’s trademarks–color and sensuality–inspired a new limited edition NARS collection.  Bold is an understatement. The collection includes four new nail shades, three blushes, five eye shadows, and five lipsticks. The latter two boast a new formulation, called “Cinematic.” This means super creamy, shiny (not glossy) lipsticks and velvety eye shadows with big color pay-off.


Baby, come back to the 70’s please, we love, love, love!


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